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QCQ Gage Bench
96" x32"x35" Gage Bench with modular gage and
master retention, cable/tubing management,
pc section, air convertor shelf, gage dry air preparation,
 lighting, receptacles.
QCQ Gage Sta.
Gaging Station with gage and
master retention, part holding, cable management,
pc shelf, lighting, and document arms.
A complete Gage Station solution.

QCQ Gaging Stations / Gage Benches incorporate our engineered, machined HDPE plastic gage holding fixturing to securely retain your gages and their master in pocketed and identified nests. Modular fixturing allows for rapid changeovers and re-sequencing.

 The standard frame is made of extruded aluminum for a clean, rust free appearance. Frames are sized to the application, with 97", 72" and 48" as standard widths, 32" and 36" as standard worktop depths, and 35" and 30" as standard worktop heights.

Options include cable/tubing  management for variable gages, pc shelf with turntable for pc, gage dry air preparation, pull-out work tray with turntable, circuit breaker and electrical outlets, fluorescent overhead lighting, standard and custom drawers, document holders, clipboards, markerborads, tackboards, visual aids, light reel and air reel.

We can organize your gaging processes.
Hardness Tester Cart to hold hardness tester, with cord reel, lighting, outlets, document arms, document pockets and drawer.
QCQ Gage Cart
Gage Cart with gage and master retention,
PC enclosure, surge supp. power strip, cord reel,
air reel, dry air preparation, backboard.

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